for a progressive America

Reform Highlights:

  • Option 1: Pay 30% Rate - Straight forward, no loopholes.
  • ​Option 2: Turn Over 24.5% Non-Voting Shares of Stock - ​ This stock will be turned over to the government and will be the only tax they pay. If they pay a dividend or do a buyback which benefits shareholders then the government and it's people also benefit. It also eliminates the enormous cost and waste associated with complying with or avoiding the corporate income tax.  Federal revenues will go up, because companies will have incentive to do what is most profitable, not what minimizes their tax liability.
  • Eliminate Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agra and Sugar Subsidies -  The majority of subsidies given to these commodities are utilized by major corporations, not small and mid-sized businesses.  We will not let a company's market share and size dictate its position buying subsidies.
  • Corporate Responsibility and Taxpayer Protection Act - ​​By levying a direct fee equal to the public assistance each corporation’s employees are eligible to receive, the legislation is designed to compel all employers to pay their employees fairly with the goal that ultimately no company would be taxed for underpaying their employees.  When large corporations underpay their employees, it hurts working families who are living paycheck to paycheck. It also places a burden on the taxpayer, who pay for the benefits and services low-wage workers need to help put food on the table or ease housing costs. In fact, low wages cost taxpayers $152.8 billion per year according to a 2015 University of California, Berkeley Labor Center study.  Credit to future Secretary of Commerce Ro Khanna for forming the idea.
  • End Public Company Reporting Quarterly Results - The focus on short term gains has not only hampered focus on long term success but puts an undue strain on the companies.  We will institute a more formalized annual reporting platform and scrap the entire quarterly performance reporting requirements altogether.

Billions of dollars in tax evasion by corporations shifts the tax burden from them to the people.  We are pro-business, but not at the expense of the people that have founded, work for or support these businesses.  #Connected.

Instead of engaging on this issue in good faith and allowing democracy to play out, executives and lobbyists for coal, oil, and gas companies have blocked every attempt to make progress on climate change, and thrown unprecedented amounts of money at elected officials to buy their loyalty. Recent reporting even shows that executives at Exxon pioneered the research on climate change before anyone else did, but may have deliberately lied about it to spread disinformation and confusion to protect their bottom line. Eerily similar to the tobacco debate a few years ago.

Ending Money in Politics for Good

More things we can do:

  • Enhance Ballistic Missile Defense Systems - A good defense is the best type of offense, we do not want to be the aggressors but we do need to have a response if another country or group is prepared to strike first.
  • Close Down Hundreds of US Military Bases Around the World - Not only has this been a serious financial drain but the majority of these bases are located in the confines of American partners abroad.  We need to be more focused on appropriately allocating resources to locations and people that would be best served with an enhanced military group.
  • Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - The U.S. must play a leading role in creating a two-state solution, which will require significant compromises from both sides. The Palestinians must unequivocally recognize Israel’s right to exist, and hold accountable those who have committed terrorist acts. The Israelis must end the blockade of Gaza, and cease developing settlements on Palestinian land. Both sides must negotiate in good faith regarding all other outstanding issues that stand in the way of a durable and lasting peace in the region
  • Enhance Global Influence - By promoting fair trade, addressing global climate change, providing humanitarian relief and economic assistance, defending the rule of law, and promoting human rights we will retain our crown as the true leaders of the free world.

It will take discipline, courage and thoughtfulness to achieve all of the above.  We are fully capable of leading this world through peace, but it will take not just one person who believes this to be the case.  We must all stand together and lead as one. #Connected

The biggest problem in our society is that our elected official​s don't represent our interests.  No matter how popular an idea may be, there is only a 30% chance of it getting passed.  If you are in the top 10% of the economic elite, you have a much stronger chance of having your voice heard...

Climate Change - We Must Address

All issues that we struggle with can be traced back to our so-called "leaders" being bought by the highest bidder.  This ends now!  Here is my solution:

  • Propose the 28th Amendment that limits campaign donations to $10,000 per person (or business) per campaign to remain private, anything from $10,000 to $25,000 requires public disclosure with a full cap at $25,000.
  • Do everything possible to outlaw or heavily limit Super PAC money
  • ​Design a system that supports publicly financed campaigns 

We need a government that is run by and for the people, not just wealthy donors and their personal interests.  As President, I will be able to accomplish some of these on my own. Others will require agreement of Congress or, in the case of a Constitutional Amendment, two-thirds of the Congress and three-quarters of the states. We aren’t going to get there just by electing a President who believes in and is committed to restoring our democracy. We’re going to get there by building a movement – a movement with enough power not only to elect a President, but to insist that all of our elected representatives return power to the people. #Connected

Capital Gains Table

Legalize Cannabis

97% of scientists agree, climate change is real and human beings are contributing to the problem.  I'll let brilliant climate change leader Bill Nye fill you in....

Healthcare for the 21st Century

Ordinary Income Table

First and foremost, I personally believe that Healthcare is a Right of all people regardless of their income level. The best way to do this is through a single-payer system with strong oversight that eliminates unnecessary waste spending. How will we do this?

  • Medicare for All The plan will cover the entire continuum of health care, from inpatient to outpatient care; preventive to emergency care; primary to specialty care, including long-term and palliative care; vision, hearing and oral health care; mental health and substance abuse services; as well as prescription medications, medical equipment, supplies, diagnostics and treatments. Patients will be able to choose a health care provider without worrying about whether that provider is in-network and will be able to get the care they need without having to read any fine print or trying to figure out how they can afford the out-of-pocket costs.
  • Enable Doctor Immigration - Doctors who are educated and trained abroad are prohibited from practicing in the United States unless they complete a U.S. residency program. Obviously, there are hundreds of thousands of very competent doctors worldwide who are excluded from practicing medicine by this measure. This sort of protectionism may cost the country as much as $100 billion a year in higher health care costs.  More importantly it would increase our abysmal 2.8 doctors per 1,000 people. 
  • Drugs are Cheap, Patents Make Them Expensive - For the true policy wonk, my future Secretary of Treasury Dean Baker lays out a number of reasons why drugs are expensive in the US.  We must fight to have our drugs sell at a free market price.  Click here to read more.
  • Put Control of Healthcare Standards in Correct Hands ​- In the United States, two-thirds of physicians are specialists, which in other wealthy countries only one-third are specialists. There is little evidence that this greater use of specialists typically results in better outcomes. Doctors should not be the ones setting the standards of care. It would be best if these standards are set by other health care professionals without a direct financial stake.
  • Entrepreneurs Pay Zero Healthcare Taxes for First 12 Months of Business Foundation - Yes, any entrepreneur starting a new business will pay zero dollars in Medicare for All taxes the first 12 months of operation but will still be covered. Additionally, the first two hires can waive the employer portion of their taxes for the first 12 months of operation.  We want the plan to encourage entrepreneurs to take risks without fear of a healthcare emergency.  62% of all bankruptcies are caused by medical-related expenses.
  • No More Healthcare Management by Companies - Unless a business is specifically in the healthcare field, most businesses find it too difficult to manage the health plans of their employees.  It is not their expertise nor do they get it right. It costs on average $15k to insure one employee and their dependents, they now free that money up that will be paid by a flat 6.5% tax per pay period (employees will contribute 2.5%) and eliminate the headache of healthcare management. Voluntary insurance may still be offered as a benefit to employees.

Being #Connected, we can provide a 21st century plan that will be the envy of the world.  If we incentivize the right people, we can provide for everyone.  If we encourage risk management through an entrepreneurial spirit, we all have something to gain.  If we all receive healthcare, then we can be truly free to live our lives in the most fulfilling manner.

Economy Part 1 - Individual Taxes 

The rules previously in place prevented internet providers from blocking and throttling traffic and offering paid fast lanes. They also classified internet providers as Title II common carriers in order to give the measure strong legal backing.  The rules currently in place don’t prevent internet providers from doing anything. They can block, throttle, and prioritize content if they wish to. The only real rule is that they have to publicly state that they’re going to do it.​​

The opportunity for us to overhaul our outdated, and generally ineffective, healthcare policy is upon us.  Below is a video that describes just how out of control our system has become...

The best way to get American society progressing towards a better future is to re-invest, in both time and money, back into the public education system.  For too long conservative minds have been defunding education programs and then have the audacity to point to those programs and say "see, they don't work!"  Nor have they been able to recognize that to lead in the 21st century requires an even larger investment than the one the US made after World War II, which included one of the greatest pieces of legislation, the G.I. Bill.  To create a well-educated workforce, we must first start with how our children acquire these skills.

Here are some solutions that can help America once again be the leader in the education field:

  • Free College Tuition for STEM Students - Anyone who attends a public college and graduates with a degree in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) field will be paid for 100% by the government.  More and more American middle class jobs will require extensive knowledge and experience in these fields, the sooner we invest in these programs the sooner we will start a long-term economic boom.  This program will be available to anyone age 50 and below.​
  • ​Affirmative Action Based on Income - Create an income and wealth-based scale to level the playing fields in the k-12 programs. It’s much harder to get ahead as a poorer person than a wealthy one. Having to work a minimum wage job after school to help your family pay rent leaves you exhausted.  
  • Financial Literacy Programs in High School - We will require a base level of financial literacy with all of our students. Personal finance, wealth management and debt education will help all younger people understand the risk/reward scenarios they embark upon.  
  • More Digital Technology Investment - Today students have access to a wide range of digital technology at a much younger age.  They can "look up" many things without attending a class, however, the teacher's role has shifted from sharing knowledge to helping facilitate learning.  Where they can get the right knowledge, how they can synthesize it and how they can discern the information they get is the main role of a teacher in the 21st century.  Technology is at our fingertips and we must embrace the technology in order for us to take the next step forward.
  • No Homework for Students 2nd Grade or Lower - Data has shown activity, playtime and social skills are most crucial at this age.  We must not forget that to develop a well-rounded child we must focus on family time and healthy physical activity as they are the foundation to both a healthy life and strong cultural foundation.
  • Stronger Teacher Pay - We as Americans have got to agree that education is the foundation of a strong society.  We must recognize that teachers are at the core of this and should be making more than a median American income.  Everyone remembers at least one teacher who has had a lasting impact in their life, and we need to encourage more people like that to enter the education field.  Respect for our educators says more about us than anything else we can do.

​We are at a turning point.  We as a people need to say "yes" to education, "yes" to critical thinking, and "yes" to creating new opportunities for our children and their educators.  Together, #Connected.

Taxes, the focus on paying a "fair share" and what that amount should be has been quite a contentious debate.  Each side vociferously defends their view with some data to back up what they are saying, but generally are missing the big picture.  Below are the tax rates for the most recent (2016) year.

Education - The Way Forward

Going forward we will:

  • Restore Net Neutrality Rules - Including prohibitions on site and app blocking, speed throttling, and paid fast lanes.
  • Invest in Municipal Broadband - Support any municipalities creating ISPs run by local governments rather than private corporations, with the hope of expanding internet access and driving down prices.
  • Protect the Internet and Treat is a Federal Utility

The long term goal of the internet should be to make it freely available to anyone and everyone.  We as a country value context and information so much that we established a huge network of libraries over the course of time, free for anyone to use.  We should be treating the internet in the exact same way, making it prevalent everywhere and anywhere Americans need it and desire to use it.​​

American Icon Henry Ford once said,"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."   Today is the beginning, and as citizens we must come together on the issues, keeping us focused on making forward progress.  How we tackle the issues of our time will define our success for generations to come.

According to the American Center of Tax Fairness, corporations pay only 10% of the total tax burden in the US, a major drop from 32% back in the 1950s.   This is outrageous as they have benefited the most from increase worker productivity, have the ability to arm lobbyists with lots of money and in some cases, pay absolutely nothing in taxes.  

Restore Net Neutrality

Simple and straight forward - the science is in, the economic gains are real and it's time to save money and make whole communities that have been unfairly punished due to harsh drug laws, imprisoning many for minor drug offenses.  This must be done, those who don't see the overwhelming benefits of legalizing cannabis or don't want it legalized are trying to steal individual liberties from us!

How Will We Fix This:

  • Ending Fossil Fuel Campaign Donations - Part of the solution involves getting money out of politics, the first major issue in the campaign.
  • End Fracking - Fracking threatens our air and water. Disposal of wastewater from fracking causes earthquakes. Oklahoma became the number one place for earthquakes on Earth this year because gas companies inject fracking fluid back into the ground. Fracking is a large-scale industrial process that doesn’t belong in anyone’s backyard or deserve exemption from laws that protect the health of our children.
  • Ban Arctic Oil Drilling - ​Research shows that drilling in the Arctic is inconsistent with efforts to prevent catastrophic global temperature increases. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which spans 19.6 million acres in Alaska and boasts the greatest biodiversity of any protected area north of the Arctic Circle.
  • Incent People to do The Right Thing - If you currently work for an oil, gas or coal company, you can earn $20k tax free if you quit and go work for any renewable energy technology company.
  • Invest in Energy Efficient Homes - An easy item to tackle, for every dollar invested in energy efficiency technologies, like weatherization and efficient light bulbs, energy customers can enjoy up to four dollars in savings.  The Renewable Energy Savings Act is one of the most positive and progressive pieces of legislation that can assist with valuable energy savings.

The United States has a unique opportunity to lead the international community in innovating strategies to cut climate pollution to avoid the most devastating damage of global climate change and adapt to the impacts that we cannot avoid. Our progress in reducing pollution levels over the last ten years has given us the credibility to demand that major developing nations also take bold action. In the past year, we have seen historic new commitments from countries like China and India who are for the first time putting forth their own aggressive climate agendas. #Connected​​


  • Major Tax Cut for Bottom 61% - The threshold of $39k is based on 125% of a $15 minimum wage (i.e. a living wage).  Anyone who makes the minimum wage or less (due to lack of full time hours) will pay 0% of their income in taxes.  This group of individuals, 61% of the total working population, recycles money back into the economy the fastest, due to velocity of money, and are some of the greatest job creators in our country.  
  • Major Tax Increases for Extreme Earnings - ​ We respect people who want to make a lot of money, but we need to create an insurance pool that protects over 99.7% of Americans who will never make $500k+ in a single year.  Most importantly, to the 100 Americans who make more than $100mil a year, we commend you.  Your ability to earn so much money in a year is incredible, and the poorest of Americans who struggle to get by owe you a resounding "thank you" because your heavy tax burden will create more opportunity for others down the road.
  • Major Incentives for Entrepreneurs - Because we respect and admire those who take risks in their career, business founders, co-founders and select first few employees and investors will be rewarded if their organizations become success stories.  They have invested in people, their communities and their products and/or services, we want to reward them accordingly.
  • Capital Gains Tax Increasing - They will be taxed at the same rate as labor, there is no reason that capital can be as free to move across borders to benefit the wealthy when regular labor workers don't have that luxury. If they want lower tax rates than they need to invest in new businesses and people to obtain founder stock.
  • Inheritance Tax - Not listed above, however all inheritance money up to $8mil is tax free.  Every penny over $8mil is taxed as normal income starting in Tier 6.  Children or individuals who receive this money are taxed because it is income to them, they are recognizing it for the first time​.

We will be building towards a society that recognizes any individual's total freedom to earn large sums of money.  But we must recognize that extreme wealth in the hands of a few does very little to boost economic activity.  The middle class are the biggest job creators and loudest voices of the #Connected campaign, therefore we must do everything to encourage them to be both economic producers as well as have a chance to save for their futures.

National Security - Protecting Citizens of the World

I want to propose a new structure of rates that benefits both labor (general working population) and capital (investments). Additionally, I want to eliminate the tax differences between single, married and head of household brackets and create just one bracket, likely leading to most people filing individually.  Below are the two tables I feel best represent the system we need going forward.

Economy Part 2 - Corporate Taxes and Reform

Overthrowing, or even attempting to overthrow governments around the world has been a disgusting US policy since the industrial revolution.  Just check out The List.  

Since 2011, the United States—working with Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, and Turkey—has been providing support to “rebel groups” fighting to overthrow the government and take over Syria. The so called rebels have since entered into battlefield alliances with the affiliate of al-Qaeda in Syria, formerly known as al-Nusra.  How the United States can work hand-in-hand with the very terrorist organization that is responsible for the killing of 3,000 Americans on 9/11 is baffling.

We must end this ill-conceived, counterproductive regime-change war immediately. We must focus our precious resources, on investing in and rebuilding our own country, and on defeating al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other terrorist groups that pose a threat to the American people.